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Stadtparkstudio is my project studio and is located on the edge of the beautiful Stadtpark of St. Gallen. I’ve built the studio myself and although it is small, it is perfect for tracking vocals and solo instruments as well as small ensembles. I am fully equipped to do everythning from samplebased via hybrid projects up to complete band recordings. I also offer post production work like dialogue clean-up and sound design.

Equipment list (not complete and constantly evolving):

  • Microphones:
  1. Stam Audio SA-87 (Neumann U87 vintage clone)
  2. AKG Perception 220
  3. Behringer C-2
  4. Sure SM58
  5. Sure SM57
  6. Behringer XM8500
  • Audio Interface:
  1. Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo
  2. Universal Audio UAD2-Quad
  3. Behringer Ultragain ADA8200
  • Software:
  1. Pro Tools 2018.12
  2. Digital Performer 9
  3. Logic Pro X
  4. Cubase
  5. Ableton Live 9
  • Sample Libraries:
  1. Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 11
  2. Spitfire Audio
  3. East West Composers Collection
  • Plug-Ins
  1. Waves
  2. Universal Audio Plug-Ins (assorted)
  3. Soundtoys 5
  4. Fabfilter Pro-Q3
  5. Plugin Alliance (assorted)
  6. iZotope RX 6
  7. iZotope Ozone 8, Nectar 2, Neutron 2 Advanced
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